Online Diploma

Online Diploma in Illustration

At a distance, but close. Different, but not that much.

Do you want to study at IBOIX but you live too far away? Sign up for our Online Diploma in Illustration. It is a program to train you remotely, at your pace and at the times that best suit you, but with IBOIX exercises and teachers. Join the community of students who learn digital illustration from Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia or the United States.

This is a program distributed in 4 blocks that include the main practical exercises of our curriculum. Bachelor's Degree in Professional Illustration. All of them organized into levels and detailed so you can work on them at your own pace. You will have personalized exercises based on your level and You will not miss the most important thing to improve: the feedback of the professors in all your works. You will hold meetings one to one periodic meetings with teachers where we will monitor your progress and you will receive live feedback of the exercises you have completed. This way you will know where you have failed and where you need to improve.

This distance learning method is exclusive to our school, and the only online drawing course in which before starting we will make sure that the syllabus and exercises correspond to your initial level, and we will update them based on your progress. 

At the end of the 4 blocks of the program you will receive a final certificate of studies and if you have done it with good results, we will send you a letter of recommendation of our school. And if you want to continue your training with us by doing the Bachelor's Degree in Professional Illustration In person, we will validate your first year subjects and you will directly access 2nd year.


  • no license plate
  • 100% flexible, start at any time
  • One to One meetings with teachers
  • The syllabus adapts to your level
  • Validates subjects for the Degree in Professional Illustration
  • Open for holidays, we continue giving you feedback in July and August
  • Final certificate of studies and letter of recommendation (subject to the results obtained)

Drawing made by Arantxa Fernanda Beltrán Granados (student of the Online Diploma 2023)

He Online diploma It is made up of 4 large blocks. Each block contains the theory and practical exercises of 3 subjects.
In it first block You will practice anatomy, background and prop design, and composition. He Second block It focuses on cartoon illustration with subjects such as character design for animation, general illustration and practices so that you learn to adapt to different drawing styles. He block 3 It is entirely dedicated to color, from the fundamentals and theory of color, to the different types and rendering techniques, without forgetting the creation of color keys, a fundamental tool for all productions.
The last section of Online diploma is he block 4, related to Visual Development and concept art. You will learn how to create a complete Pitch Bible, memorable story beats and the basics that an art director needs to master.


  • Creative Anatomy
  • Environments & Props
  • Narrative and Composition


  • Character Construction
  • Acting
  • styles


  • Color Basics
  • Color Keys
  • rendered


  • Storybeat
  • Pitch Bible
  • Art direction