Study programs in Illustration and Digital Art

  • Degree in Illustration

  • 4 years
  • From 18 years

    Digital drawing from day one

    Multiple schedule options

    High employability in various fields

    Guaranteed company internships

    The teachers are active artists

  • Bridge Course

  • October-June
  • Preparation course for the degree

    From 16 years old

    Open enrollment for the entire course

    Work on paper and digital

    Morning schedules

    Without level test

  • Postgraduate in Production

  • Oriented towards roles with high demand

    Creation and development of projects

    Art direction

    For animation, video games and publishing

    Specialization of active employees

    Use of AI for process optimization

  • Online Diploma

  • 4 independent blocks
  • no license plate

    100% flexible: start whenever you want

    Private meetings with teachers

    Syllabus adapted to the student's level

    Final certificate of studies

    Subjects valid for the Degree

  • Summer Intensive

  • 4 weeks
  • Intensive drawing course

    Digital illustration and drawing on paper

    Anatomy, composition, color, characters

    Disney, Manga and Marvel styles

    Option to do the course in English

    Limited places

  • Illustrate with iPad

  • Afternoon extracurricular
  • Between 10 and 15 years

    Classes in Catalan, Spanish and English

    Flexible days, to be chosen by the student

    Drawing with iPad and ProCreate

    Manga, cartoon, realistic, Disney styles

    Friendly and fun teachers


This is what happens (on IBOIX)

December 21, 2023

Art & Tattoo Masterclass with Abel Pujol

What a week it has been for the students of the Fourth Degree in Professional Illustration. Today Masterclass on Art&Tattoo by Abel Pujol,...
December 19, 2023

What is a hiring process like at Disney or Marvel?

Today our 4th year students of the Professional Illustration Degree have had the opportunity to learn first-hand how the processes of...
December 18, 2023

The best company

One more year we meet to share Christmas food and wish each other a spectacular next year 🥂 Thank you to all of you who have...
🎥LA SOCIEDAD DE LA NIEVE - BEHIND THE SCENES🎥 ❗SAVE THE DATE: 21 de febrer a les 18h, Cinema Edison de Granollers❗En Josu Solano (@josu__solano) és un professor d'IBOIX Escola que ha treballat com a Concept Artist en aquesta espectacular producció candidata als Òscars de Hollywood Farem una sessió amb ell perquè ens expliqui quin va ser el seu paper en la pel·lícula, quin tipus de feina fan els artistes i com és treballar amb algú com J.A. BayonaLa sessió tindrà lloc aquest proper dimecres 21 de febrer a les 18h al Cinema Edison de Granollers. És una sessió gratuïta, però cal reservar plaça a través del següent enllaç i a la bio (places limitades): ⬇⬇⬇https://cinemaedison.koobin.com/index.php?action=PU_evento&Ev_id=8685 Moltíssimes gràcies a Cinema Edison (@edisoncinema) per cedir-nos el vostre espai i a AC Granollers (@acgranollers) per la vostra ajuda! #iboixescola #granollers #ilustracion #illustration #conceptart #conceptartist #lasociedaddelanieve


❗SAVE THE DATE: February 21 at 6pm, Cinema Edison de Granollers❗

Josu Solano (@josu__solano) is a professor at IBOIX Escola who has worked as a Concept Artist in this spectacular production candidate for the Hollywood Oscars

We did a session with him so he explained who will be the second role in the film, who types of fans the artists and how he works with someone like JA Bayona

The session will take place this Thursday, February 21 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cinema Edison in Granollers. It is a free session, but you can reserve a place through the following link in the bio (limited places): ⬇⬇⬇

Many thanks to Cinema Edison (@edisoncinema) for giving us your space to AC Granollers (@acgranollers) for your help!

#iboixescola #granollers #ilustracion #illustration #conceptart #conceptartist #lasociedaddelnieve

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🔥Sneak Peek del proyecto “Del Revés”🔥Durante estas últimas dos semanas todo IBOIX Escola ha estado bastante patas arriba con el proyecto anual “Del Revés” que es una tradición desde los inicios de la escuela y la celebramos durante Carnaval Este año… la hemos liado más y hemos llevado el proyecto un paso más allá¡Stay tuned para ver qué cosas hemos estado haciendo! #iboixescola #escueladedibujo #dibujo #ilustraciondigital #granollers #illustration #illustrationartists #digitaldrawing

🔥Sneak Peek of the “Del Revés” project🔥

During these last two weeks the whole IBOIX Escola has been quite upside down with the annual project “Del Revés” which is a tradition since the beginning of the school and we celebrate it during Carnival

This year… we have made it more complicated and we have taken the project one step further

Stay tuned to see what we've been up to!

#iboixescola #escueladedibujo #dibujo #ilustraciondigital #granollers #illustration #illustrationartists #digitaldrawing

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¡Explorando materiales! 🎨🖌️El alumnado de 3r Animación del Grado en Ilustración Profesional exploró una gama de materiales para hacer exploraciones de en Visual Development Probaron los materiales dibujando animales salvajes y ¡han quedado estupendos!✨#iboixescola #visualdevelopment #visualdevelopmentartist #escueladearte #dibujo #ilustracion #illustration #illustrationartists #ink #characterdesign

Exploring materials! 🎨🖌️

The 3rd Animation students of the Degree in Professional Illustration explored a range of materials to carry out explorations in Visual Development

They tested the materials by drawing wild animals and they turned out great!✨

#iboixescola #visualdevelopment #visualdevelopmentartist #escueladearte #dibujo #ilustracion #illustration #illustrationartists #ink #characterdesign

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